Walking into the final week of 2020 with lots of love, gratitude and intention.⁣

Can y’all believe we are 4 days away from 2021! Wow I am so excited for the new year and all the blessings it will offer.⁣⁣

How will you be spending the week?⁣

Here is a  glimpse of my week:⁣⁣

▪️Tuesday I will be completing my final Reiki class  with @ambersoberon and I will be a Reiki Master y’all! I wanted to end 2020 as a Reiki Master and so it will be.🙏🏼💕⁣

▪️Wednesday I am working for my research job and then gathering things for my vision board.  I have been doing one every year for the last 20 years! I love to do it on Jan 1 of the new year! It is the perfect way to visualize and set the intentions for the coming year!⁣ 

▪️Thursday we will be ringing in the year! I have my flying wish paper ready to write, light on fire and watch my intentions fly into the universe.  I will link the flying wish paper HERE for you! It is a must have for anyone that sets their intentions. ⁣

▪️Friday-Jan 1, 2021 ⁣I will be doing my vision board and our family tradition of pulling out the Reflection Jar and reading all the blessings we received in 2020. It is a beautiful reminder that there is so much to be thankful for; big or small, it all matters! 

And of course eating lentils Italian style. 🇮🇹 

What’s your New Year traditions? Do you make vision boards or vision planners?


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