3 Tips For Intention Setting For 2021

Intention setting is the first step to manifesting. Whatever you put your attention on will grow stronger in your life. 

  1. Be specific on what you want. The universe is always listening, and wants to support you in achieving all your dreams. Be specific on what you are asking for, down to the smallest details. The universe loves when you have a crystal clear vision of what you want. 
  2. Get Creative. You have unlimited abundance. So ask for things that seem out of reach but will be so amazing when they actually happen. Trust that you are worthy of receiving all that your heart and soul desires. Dream big!
  3. Know Your Why- what is motivating this intention. Set your intentions from a place of love and happiness and honor your self worth.

And remember to celebrate yourself through every phase and every intention along your beautiful journey.🦋

Sending you big love from my heart to yours.