Trust Your Heart

Hi Dolls ,

Happy Tuesday! I read this yesterday on @walktheearthwriter and wanted to share these beautiful words with y’all.⁣

⁣Your determined heart will take you so far, my beautiful friend. It will take you to peaks so high and oceans so vast that you never could have dreamed them up. It is stronger than any doubts, any fears, any uncertainty. Your determined heart knows that what can be seen is deceiving. It knows that to make the future that you dream of  come to life, you have to see what is not yet here. Trust your determined heart, my beautiful friend . It beats so strong and faithfully inside of you always. It’s full of restless passion, and incredible boldness, relentless effort and unwavering persistence.⁣
Your determined heart is what will turn your dreams into a reality and your falls into opportunities. It will not just open doors for you, but it will show you doors you would have never seen otherwise. When your legs are weary and your feet are tired, your determined heart will carry you through. And with your determined heart nothing in the world will ever be able to stop you. Nothing! #nikibanas⁣
Trust your heart and your path. 🦋⁣from my heart to yours⁣.
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