Top 3 Non- Toxic Deodorants


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Are you looking to make the switch to clean deodorant? Making the switch to natural deodorant is one of the best things you can do for your health!

Here’s something most people don’t talk about when it comes to switching to a non-toxic deodorant. If you’ve been using conventional aluminum-based anti-perspirants until now, and you want to switch to something without aluminum or toxic ingredients , your underarms will most likely go through a “detoxing” period. Years of built-up bacteria and aluminum takes a while to make its way out.

Here are 5 ingredients to avoid when shopping for a clean deodorant

  1. Triclosan is a synthetic antibacterial and odor-killing compound that is found in deodorant. Triclosan is registered with the EPA as a pesticide and is classified as a probable carcinogen.         Triclosan disrupts thyroid function and linked to cancer.
  2. Parabens are also known to disrupt hormone function and lead to reproductive toxicity, 20immunotoxicity and neurotoxicity. Parabens are also estrogenic and can disrupt hormones in your body, leading to early puberty in children and an increased risk of hormonal cancers.
  3. Propylene glycol is a petroleum-derived chemical that allows skincare products to be more easily absorbed into your skin. It is an inexpensive ingredient that creates a soft, creamier consistency to your deodorant and other skincare products. It is potentially toxic and linked to cancer, reproductive issues, developmental problems, neurotoxicity and endocrine complications. It is also a common skin irritant and sensitizer that causes allergic reactions and dermatitis.
  4. Phthalates are plasticizers that are added to deodorants and other skincare products to increase flexibility, dissolve other ingredients and create a smooth consistency. They are probable carcinogens and hormone and endocrine disruptors that act as estrogen in your body and increase your risk of cell mutations, asthma, infertility, and cancers (breast, ovarian and prostate). Phthalates also decrease sperm count, and cause damage to lungs, kidneys and liver. Things to look out for- Fragrance, DBP, DEP and derivatives of phthalates listed in the ingredients.
  5. Aluminum inhibits perspiration by clogging your sweat glands and trapping the toxins within your body. The toxins are then accumulated in your lymph nodes, which can cause cell mutation over time. Aluminum in antiperspirants is a known genotoxin which causes genetic mutations.

Your body will need some time to transition to your new deodorant, during which you may experience more odor. This is a normal process and shouldn’t last more than a couple weeks, although it’s different for everyone. Set realistic expectations remember It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Expect to sweat and have some BO during the detox period. Your pits have  have been clogged with aluminum for years, so be patient with them as you purge.

Once you free your pores and switch to a non-toxic deodorant, you can fight bacteria naturally. Using natural deodorant allows your body to sweat freely.  It doesn’t trap any bacteria inside your body, and keeps those toxins from building up. Everything that should, gets flushed out with natural sweat. The way our bodies were made to function.

I love to alternate between the three. I am a huge fan of mixing things up , I do the same with my skincare and body lotions.

Here are my top three: 

lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Sport Luxe

▪️ has triple odor protection powered by sweat absorbing Smartsport Technology.

▪️helps stop odor before it starts 

▪️contains lemon and tea tree oil 

▪️I have been using this brand for over 8 years. 

Indie Lee Energize Deodorant 

▪️powerful combo of ingredients that boost freshness 

▪️gel to powder deodorant 

▪️contains bergamot, orange and eucalyptus 

▪️I have been using this for 5 months 

Kosas Chemistry Deodorant 

▪️a clean stain free deodorant 

▪️features AHA blend for the ultimate in odor fighting. 

▪️contains Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturize

▪️contains hyaluronic acid for softer smother skin.

▪️ I have been using this brand for over 1 year. 

You can shop the deodorants below:

LaVanila HERE and HERE

Indie Lee Energize HERE

Kosas Chemistry HERE


It takes some time to adjust, once you do adjust you will never go back.

Your health will thank you for it!


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