Top 3 CBD Brands You Want To Try

Hello Gorgeous Souls,

Have you tried CBD? ⁣
Shopping for quality CBD is no easy feat that is for sure . Well I have taken all the guess work out and did the research for you ! ⁣Here are my top 3 favorite CBD lines.⁣
 I have used all three and have reaped great benefits from these brands. I know you are going to love them too.
Charlottes Web Gummies
I love the “CALM” lemon balm gummies .⁣
Reasons To Love
  • According to the makers contains “the world’s most trusted hemp extract. “This strain is  low in THC (the psychoactive component in cannabis) but high in CBD. Y’all it’s amazing.⁣
  •  The company is highly supportive of research into how CBD and hemp products can improve health and wellness y’all know I love my research and any brand that truly cares about health and wellness, I am in.⁣
  •  Each gummy is so yummy and contains 10 milligrams of CBD, plus additional natural ingredients, like lemon balm, that helps promote relaxation and also supports the thyroid. I notice such a difference within minutes of using it. I am a huge fan of gummies. Super easy to use.⁣
This product has really helped me remain “calm” while I have been dealing with a overactive thyroid.⁣
Boost Immune
Boost Immune is an amazing line that I was introduced to by my soul sister Amber Soberon ⁣
Reasons To Love⁣
  •  Boost contains hemp derived terpene blend with blood orange , cinnamon bark, ginger, cinnamon all help boost your immune system. ⁣
  • You can feel confident you are receiving Certified Organic Green Compass Products.⁣
  • Great for stress, immune support and inflammation. This product has been a game changer in helping me with inflammation.⁣
You can check out the entire line and purchase at
Motherhood Unstressed CBD
Motherhoodunstressed  CBD has capsules and tinctures her line is one of the first CBD lines Chris and I ever used in 2018.  It’s amazing y’all! ⁣
Reasons To Love ⁣
  • Founded by an amazing woman and mother. Y’all know I love to support women owned businesses.⁣
  •  CBD Oil on it’s own helps alleviate stress, with Liz’s formula you get an extra boost because her line contains Ashwaganda. ⁣
  • If you want a good nights sleep where you sleep like a baby and don’t move all night! This line is for you! ⁣
For an additional 10% off use code DOLLS at checkout.⁣