The Path To Self Mastery

You’ve Mastered Thy Selfie , Now master thy SELF. ⁣
I saw that quote on Pinterest. I laughed and then I thought. hmmm let’s explore self mastery.⁣
Self mastery is  getting out of our own way, stripping away who we are NOT so that we find who we ARE.⁣
To be the Master of your own Self is to fully understand who you really are and  take full responsibility for your own life.⁣
Realizing that every decision we make  creates our reality. ⁣
Self mastery is about mastering our thoughts so that they do not master us.  It’s connecting and listening to our inner guru.⁣
So how do we do that?  ⁣
By  becoming AWARE ⁣
Being present. Coming back to where we are HERE and NOW . ⁣
 Our thoughts always want to take us in the past or the future. None of that matters .
What matters is where we are NOW . ⁣
What are you doing right  NOW for your future selfie? ⁣
Wishing you a day, a week , a month and a year filled with self mastery . ⁣
I am here cheering you on!
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