Sundress Season

Happy Monday Gorgeous Souls,

It is Sundress Season, the best season. The season when spring and summer begin and the days start getting longer and warmer. Time to put away the sweaters and coats and step out in those beautiful, colorful sundresses.

Here are 3 Tips to remember when shopping for Sundress Season:

  1. Look for off the shoulder dresses and halter dresses they are super flattering. They emphasize your shoulders and waist.
  2. Accessorize boldly think big beautiful earrings, hoops, sunglasses, bangle bracelets and hats.
  3.  Bold prints or bold colors. Try something new now is the time to play with florals, tropical print or a bold color. When dressing with prints remember to stick with the simpler accessories. Let the print on the dress be the conversation piece. Remember to Have fun!

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Photography- Paigeydahling
Location- Colton House Hotel