Karuna Sheet Masks

Happy Skincare Sunday Dolls,

Mask days are the best days. Who agrees with me?⁣
Meet Karuna skin face masks my favorite non-toxic masks, they are actually the only masks, I have had in my skincare routine for the last 3 years. ⁣
Karuna was the first sheet mask brand to launch in the US 2009. They are the OG of face-masks.⁣
Their super foods mask are the latest launch and here are all the details:⁣
The Green Tea-Infused Sheet Mask contains enriching ingredients like golden pineapple, vitamin C, and coffee cherry . This mask  hydrates your skin while promoting collagen synthesis.⁣
The eucalyptus-infused sheet mask is formulated with Kale, Spirulina, Spinach, Blueberries and Hyaluronic Acid, this mask feeds your skin with phytonutrients that refresh and purify the skin. #sponsored⁣
Karuna sheet masks are produced with the highest quality, biodegradable, natural materials including wood pulp fibers and Japanese sheer cotton. You will never experience mask slipping.⁣
Bonus Tip: ⁣
I use a Karuna mask prior to applying my makeup for that extra glow.
You can Shop the Masks HERE and HERE

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Photography- Paigeydahling