Be Happy

Hi Dolls,

Happy Sunday!  Today I want to share a post that my Chris wrote. It is so beautiful that I had to share it!

Happiness isn’t a place one arrives at. Happiness resides internally in the “here and now”. If one cannot look inside and find their happiness in the here and now, it will never be found down the proverbial road. Happiness isn’t pursued, it’s chosen. It’s static, its here it’s now.

It’s not granted to those who accumulate more material possessions than the next person. It’s not found in a bank account. You can be rich, poor, black, white, short, fat, man, woman..its doesn’t matter. Choose happiness. Just like picking an item off a grocery store shelf. It’s that easy. Don’t get mired in the “well if I just get to this point in my life I’ll be happy.” Bullshit. You won’t. It’s temporary.

Often times people look at others who seemingly have it all; fame, fortune all the material possessions they could ever wish for, and are shocked when they learn otherwise. True happiness will NEVER be found in the external world, because it doesn’t exist in the external world. Go inside…………..find your happiness.


Decide to be happy!


From our hearts to yours!