3 Seated Posing Tips

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Want to look taller in your seated photos?

Here are 3 Tips that make me at 5’1 appear taller in my photos:

  1. Sit at the edge or the middle of the chair or sofa. Sitting all the way back makes you look slouchy and definitely shorter.
  2. Elongate your limbs .  Don’t pose with your legs straight on in the camera that makes you look shorter and unflattering. Position your legs off to the side of you, this creates angles and elongates your body. I call it the mermaid pose.
  3. Think of the image you want to create. Is it elegant, feminine, strong , casual? Visualize that image and  use that body language. A picture speaks a thousand words . Think of how you want an image portrayed and each picture will be unique and beautifully you.

Stayed tuned for more tips and if you try the mermaid pose tag me. Remember to have fun with your photos. Don’t be so serious .


Thank you for stopping by I am so grateful for you!