Snag These Luxe Fall Goodies In The Fall FabFitFun Box

Hello Gorgeous Souls, Who loves a great subscription box? I have tried several subscription boxes over the years and I have to say FabFitFun is hands down my favorite. Here’s why I love FabFitFun and I know you will too! Each season members will receive their fabulous box of goodies for 49.99, or 39.99 for your first box if you use my code JOPLACENCIO10 Did I mention that each box depending on how you choose to customize it is up to… View Post

Top 3 CBD Brands You Want To Try

Hello Gorgeous Souls, Have you tried CBD? ⁣ Shopping for quality CBD is no easy feat that is for sure . Well I have taken all the guess work out and did the research for you ! ⁣Here are my top 3 favorite CBD lines.⁣  I have used all three and have reaped great benefits from these brands. I know you are going to love them too. Charlottes Web Gummies I love the “CALM” lemon balm gummies .⁣ Reasons To… View Post

3 Reasons To Wear Blue Light Glasses

Hello Gorgeous Souls, I have a question for you, do you wear Blue Light Glasses? Now more than ever we are looking at computer screens and phone screens . Blue light is everywhere. It’s emitted from the fluorescent lighting and the screens from our electronic devices.  So to combat the effects of too much blue light exposure, I started  wearing blue light protection. Here are 3 reasons to head out and get you some blue light glasses ▪️ they help reduce eye… View Post

Top 3 Non- Toxic Deodorants

The Top 3 Non- Toxic Deodorants

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How To Wear The Silk Headscarf Trend

Hello Gorgeous Souls, Its safe to safe head scarves have been around for a long time, in fact, I have worn them for many years off and on. Its such a chic look. I remember seeing Audrey Hepburn with a scarf wrapped around her head, I fell in love. High end fashion brands have been in love with head scarves for years, I know you have seen  them tying them around their models heads, necks and handbags for the runway… View Post