Monday Motivation

Hello Dolls,

Happy Monday Beautiful Humans💗
I am sending everyone love and virtual hugs.  I gathered a few tips and things to remember:
1. We are all in this together.
2. By protecting yourself you are protecting others.
3. Be a kind human.
4. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
5. Remember-Life is beautiful.
6. Tough times make us stronger , compassionate humans.
7. Meditate it helps de-stress.
8. Order takeout to help your local restaurants. Have it delivered to your home or an elderly neighbors home.
9. Turn off the News.
10. Drink lots of water.
11. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible.
12. No sugar it weakens the immune system.
13. Stress weakens the immune system.
15. Read books -I am currently reading @panachedesai #youareenough
16. Remember-We are resilient. .
Pray and send love to everyone that works in the medical field and their families they are the true heroes.
I love watching Italy they are handling this situation beautifully. They come  together as a community from their patios they sing and dance they are making the most of this situation, you feel the love in the pictures and videos that are posted on-line. #beautifulitaly .
Remember, this is temporary if we all do our part we will heal the world. I love you, stay strong.

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