Favor Friday

Happy Friday Dolls,

Happy #favorfriday  I am so excited to be starting the #favorfriday hashtag movement with my girls @therobelifeblog and @paigeydahling and we want y’all to join us every Friday. If your wondering what favor Friday is, it is when the Universe/God/Buddha or whatever you believe is your higher power blesses you with an unexpected gift or anything in your daily life that works out in your favor.
It could include something as simple as finding the perfect parking spot right away, to getting an unexpected bonus and EVERYTHING in between. Favor comes in all shapes and sizes; big or small. Each and every one of us is blessed with favor, we just need to take the time to acknowledge it, hence #favorfriday

My favor for the week is when a perfect stranger at Houston Hobby Airport paid for my coffee☕️ and getting to sit front row at #NYFW that’s favor. Tell me yours below.


I cant wait for yall to share your favor with us!


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