Citrine Crystal

Happy Wellness Wednesday Dolls,

Today for #wellnesswednesday I am going to share with you a crystal that is near and dear to my heart called Citrine. Citrine crystal is a stone that emanates joy, sunshine and positivity. It’s name , Citrine, is derived from the French word for lemon .
Citrine is a premier stone for abundance, manifestation and imagination. Naturally, Citrine does not hold or accumulate negative energy. It grounds and dissipates it thus making it extremely protective for the environment. .
Carrying Citrine attracts love, happiness and stimulates the chakras like the sunlight! It clears the mind with it’s pure yellow energy and encourages living life to its fullest. I hope each and every one of you go out and grab a Citrine crystal because you all deserve a burst of sunshine in your life!! This beautiful heart shaped crystal is from Natures Treasures here in Austin, Texas.
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