9 Communication Techniques To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

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Did you know The average couple spends only 20 minutes a week talking with each other (WOW) not good.  It’s time to turn off the technology or the TV and make it a point to spend 30-40  minutes a day catching up with your partner. Chris and I love to catch up while we are cooking or walking our boy Spartacus.
Good communication skills are the keys to any successful relationship . We are emotional humans and need to be heard.
Here are Chris and my top communication techniques we use to keep the lines of communication open:
1. Participate in conversation with love and sincerity. Always communicate with transparency and honesty. Even if it’s painful.
2. Be a great Listener-One way to communicate is to hear what your partner is saying. Stop and truly listen to what they are saying. Repeat back to them what you heard them say.
3. Agree to Disagree-Couples who learn to sit down together and solve problems together are the most successful. You and your partner are individuals who will have different opinions from time to time, its important to remember your relationship is bigger than any problem respect their opinion at all times. Its not always about being right, it’s about being heard.
4. Watch Your language- name calling and bringing things up from the past will ruin effective communication. Call your partner by their name in a loving manner to dilute an angry situation.
5. Don’t talk at the same time- Give your partner the chance to express their feelings. It shows you care about what they have to say.
6. Don’t be so serious-Communication doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. In fact keeping it light helps to alleviate tension when the discussion turns very serious. It’s amazing how our tone sets the mood, so do your best to remain cognizant of your tone.
7. No matter how angry we get, NEVER say hurtful or mean things to your partner. Always respect them.
8. A simple “I’m sorry” goes a long way.
9. Love your partner fully and express it daily.
Trying anything new requires effort, but the more you practice, the more “automatic”  these approaches will become. See what works for you and your significant other and give yourself permission to make mistakes (you are human) LOVE always wins.
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  1. Christine T
    November 6, 2019 / 3:18 pm

    What great communication tips. Me and my husband keep our lines of communication open so its always good to get new tips!! Thanks for sharing Johanna!

    • peaceloveglam
      November 15, 2019 / 2:05 pm

      this makes me so happy doll! communication is key