7 Tips For Better Sleep

Happy Wellness Wednesday Dolls!

Want better Sleep??
Healthy people know that sleep is a vital part of a healthy wellness routine . Chris and I are came up with a few of our tips for getting  a good night sleep.
  1. Eat healthy to keep your blood sugar regulated, don’t eat heavy or big meals at night.
  2. If you want to get a good nights sleep focus on getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep adopt a wind down routine we love to read before bed .
  3. Studies show that blue light emitted from our phones, laptops and TVs disrupt our sleep cycles . Try turning them off by reading a book and use an alarm clock instead of phone to keep your phone out of the room.
  4. Exercise can help get you a better nights sleep. Try working out a couple hours before bed.
  5. Meditation or repeating affirmations before bed this practice has many health benefits to calm the mind before bed.
  6. Hot showers helps with better sleep the warm water has a powering down effect to help relax the body which will improve your sleep quality.
  7. Make your room a peaceful, zen place.  Your bedroom should be your sanctuary.

We would love to hear your tips for a Peaceful Nights sleep. Comment below and Cheers to a good night sleep!

Photo~ By Paige Elizabeth Casey Photography

Bed Room Furniture~ Restoration Hardware

Rug and nightstand decor~Home Goods

Crystals on Nightstands~ Natures Treasures

Chandeliers Ceiling and  above Nightstands~Restoration Hardware



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  1. Christine T
    April 25, 2019 / 2:00 pm

    Me and my husband use Blue blocker glasses at night if we’re on our electronics. I swear by them. Thanks for the tips Johanna!