7 Daily Powerful Intentions



Hello Dolls!

Lets talk intentions on this beautiful Monday morning. It is the perfect day to set your intentions for the week. Setting a weekly intention is a simple, effective way to find your focus and keep you in that  motivated mindset. When you get clear on how you want to feel, you can make clear decisions that create the life you truly desire to live. Intentions are desires that we set in motion with the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the actions we take.

Setting an intention is very simple, yet incredibly powerful. Having a clear intention can help guide your actions as you move through your day.

Intentions should not be confused with a goal. An intention is something you want to align with in your life. Intentions are heart driven and bring your heart and mind into alignment.

Here are 7 powerful intentions to start your week:

  1. I intend to embrace change
  2. I intend to  give and receive love
  3. My heart is open to receive all that is meant for me.
  4. I intend to be open to success and abundance
  5. I intend to make someone smile today.
  6. My intention is to invite peace and calm within myself today.
  7. I intend to forgive myself and others

Intentions are a beautiful way to help you stay grounded and reconnect with what matters most. So this morning, afternoon or evening; set that intention, or intentions, and soar like an Eagle.

From my heart to yours.


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