3 Wellness Wednesday Tips


Happy Wellness Wednesday Dolls.

I just love to share things that have worked for me. Small steps bring about big changes.
  1. Do something new once a week- take a different route to work, take a class you have been wanting to try, try a new fitness routine, volunteer, learn meditation, spend one entire day doing all the things you love and if you have a family take turns spending a day doing each family member favorite things, this not only brings the family closer it makes for a happier life.
  2. Choose less toxic products – this can be overwhelming in the beginning but it’s so crucial to your health and wellness. Start small with your favorite make up and skincare products and then once you have that down start with other things like household products. Baby steps and before you know it you are non-toxic living. Fun fact, I list a plethora of clean beauty items in my stories and blog . So follow along and reach out to me, I am here to help and love chatting about clean beauty.
  3. Get organized – One week at a time. Pick out just one area that your are going to tackle it can be a makeup drawer, bathroom cabinets or closet . In 8 weeks you will have de-cluttered and organized 8 areas in your home. Less clutter =less stress and a healthy body.
What’s one wellness habit or practice you want to focus on.
Sending you big love

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